Yardwork description from June 9, 2009

July 16, 2009

In an email to a friend who had been to the house in May, I wrote: “The yard is coming along nicely. I have not continued my project under the tree outside the shop yet, but I have not forgotten it either. I planted bright pink and red geraniums in those chimney tiles back by the garage and truly enjoy the pop of color from my kitchen window. The rock garden is settling in and looking better all the time as the sedum and portacula (moss rose) take hold. The bird bath is in place with iris to surround it. Grasses have been planted along the back fence. And I enjoyed the peonies so much more this spring than I would have ever imagined. At one point I had them in the bathroom, kitchen, and on the coffee table. It was wonderful. I still have some tomatoes and peppers to plant in pots under the kitchen window next to the bench that needs to be scrubbed… and mom just brought back daisies which will be a nice addition along the fence between the iris and the existing lilies and dianthus. Still much work to do in that area though. Bushes are in place along the west lot line where you had only seen the twigs of corkscrew willow. And boxwood are now in front of the fence on the driveway side and to the east of the front porch. It ties things together nicely for a start. Hosta have been transplanted along the foundation on the same side and seem to be rooting quite well. With plants on the porch and a fresh wreath on the front door, I can say I think it looks more and more like the image in my mind all the time.”

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