Can’t beat a family project

July 18, 2009

Well, did I mention yet how fortunate I am? I am fairly certain without checking that I mentioned in my “about” section that I am living in the house where my grandfather grew up. That would be my mom’s dad. My grandpa Zimmerman.

As the economy beats upon us all, Fridays have opened up for my oldest brother to work (when he doesn’t have “honey-do” items at home) on my soon will be shop.  Let me say this right now… he is a perfectionist.  Again, I mention I am fortunate.

Today he painted the first coat of my choice of asparagus green (Behr from Home Depot) on the walls. He did the drywall before that and was very eager to prime and paint to verify that his job was completed perfectly without a stripe, a dimple, or error.  That would simply not be acceptable.  Me, I’m not the perfectionist.  You that know me can insert your “amen” here.

I am told tomorrow his plan is to install the bead board ceiling.  My niece, his youngest of three, and my mom stained the one inch plank this afternoon.   The combination of asparagus green and medium tone wood stained ceiling to me could not be a better backdrop for a shop full of brightly colored functional art.  And in this case I have the agreement of the three mentioned participants in crime.  Whew.  Maybe I will create an environment to inspire people not only to buy some functional art but to walk away with a “Gee –  I’m glad I stopped in there”  feeling.

More later.  It’s Friday night and I think I may just be inspired again…

Smile often.  Dream big.


2 Responses to “Can’t beat a family project”

  1. Marisa Says:

    hey, Jen, just checked your shop hours. Nice!!!! What kind of shop are you opening? I need DETAILS!!

    • My functional art, some cool stained glass items from my brother, decorative pillows, awesome flower inspired jewelry, wine bags – – – affordable goodies to brighten people’s lives! How is that for a description?

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