Tired. But all good for it…

July 25, 2009

I really need to back up to my excellent weekend last weekend to fully provide you with what is/has been going on, but considering how inspired I’ve been I am too tired to do that right now.  So if I had to do it Lost style in 8:15 it would look something like this in blog form:

Jen hangs out with her mom

She reads Midwest Magazine

Finds an article about Lola B Boutique in St. Charles

The date is wrong in the article

But it’s all the better for it because it is the weekend of Plainfield Fest (Plainfield Mess)

Mom lives in town and the generators for the blow up kids rides makes her a bit edgy

We go north.  We are happy.

We meet Kasey and friends.  We are even happier.

Kasey’s home is beautiful.  She takes our picture.  We buy a cool tool thingy from her.

We garage sale.  My favorite new crocheted sweater, picture frames, a drop leaf table – 8 dollars.

It doesn’t end there.

I’m inspired.  I go home to organize, clean, create.  Grandma Z calls.

The neighbor is moving.  More things for sale – garage sale style – a stool, a chair – 5 dollars.

And so it goes…  more later about my finding the book I started writing including the notes from my grandma Anderson from 1997 and the joys of being “cool aunt Jen”…

Hint:  the first line of the book (I KID YOU NOT) “It was an exceptionally cool day in July…”

keep dreaming, friends…

with love



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