An excerpt from an email to the same friend…

July 29, 2009

This one is on the landscaping – sent July 15th…

“My yard continues to evolve, yes.  Next season will be the real reward.  On a level of more instant gratification, my mom had the front of the property landscaped.  There are the three boxwoods I mentioned still against the back fence, but now they are the backdrop for five aqua hosta in a very neat and tidy sea of ivy under the tree.  In front of the side porch are three flowering rose bushes in pink.  I had already told you about the hosta along the foundation and the two other boxwoods to the east of the front porch.  So of course there are other boxwoods in the front of the house to tie our work together with that of Lanagan Landscaping.  For color, purple leaved coral bells and moonbeam coreopsis dress the front of the bed against the boxwoods, and hydrangea blooming in purple and blue tie off the corner of the bed at the front west side.  Happy-returns daylilies (the light yellow not the gold stella de oro ones you see EVERYwhere) are sandwiched between autumn joy sedum along the west foundation back to the chimney and the peonie bush remains behind it.  I have to wonder if the nice gentleman who did the bidding and layout didn’t take some inspiration from the wreath I made for the front door.  It certainly looks like they were created to match.”
Everything ties to everything…
keep believing it

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