What do they know…

July 29, 2009

I think the crazy girl Karen who sits next to me at work is a better predictor of coming rain based on when her teeth hurt…  the weathermen certainly don’t seem to have it right.  And why does this bother me?  Well, I have been working in the yard and did get the flower bed next to the fence to the west of the backyard filled to satisfaction (for this year anyway), so I don’t want it to die – particularly the daisies, but the worst part of it is taking it from my mother when she comes over.  One of my favorite quotes and it won’t mean nearly as much to any of you out of context as it does to the two of us is “they all like water, jen!”  And so it goes…

A big thanks to dad today for fixing the leaking sillcock on the back of the house – watering source for not only the plants we have planted “out back” but maybe more importantly for the landscaping on the street side which was quite a bit more expensive than the scrubs, polish, and heavy moisturizers (and sometimes band-aids) it takes to repair my nails after a good weekend of work in the yard. 

See separate post on the landscape to the street side…

Dream, friends!  DREAM.

PS. My friend Kristen at work just asked today in the elevator “how do your nails looks that good with all that digging in the yard and all?”  Answer:  one of the things I can say I was “born lucky with”…



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