Raise a glass

July 31, 2009

import dump number 3 03212008 085Ok.  I’m going to get this out of the way right away this morning.  And before I put on any more mascara although it’s waterproof.  Today would have been my brother Dan’s (Danny, Dano’) 43rd birthday.  He lived in Missouri most of his adult life after traveling for work, but he happened to be in Plainfield for the weekend of the very first show I ever did in Elmhurst at the Art in the Garden Faire.  I sold about 80% of my product that day much to my surprise.  See, I was afraid I was going to be in a booth next to “real artists” and that what I had to offer might not be very well recieved – look like something that belonged at a “crap fair” not an event like I anticipated.  I’ll never forget how proud he was of me and how much that meant to me and of course the big bear hug he gave me that evening when I returned home.  Years later when he was staying at my parents house because he was battling with cancer I was preparing for another show at Elmhurst.  I was doing some last minute painting on mom’s back porch and he was there with me to tell me which were his favorites and why.  We lined up the items I had planned to take to the show the next day on the porch railing and made a list in the order we thought they would sell based on which ones he liked best and I liked best so we could compare how it really went when all was said and done.  These are just a couple of the memories that pertain to the topic of this particular blog.  If you knew Danny you would know there was/is so much more.  So…  if you are likely on a Friday evening to have a glass of wine, a beer, or perhaps a Beam and Coke, raise a glass to Dano’ and wish him a Happy Birthday. 




One Response to “Raise a glass”

  1. Carter Says:

    Very cool Jen. I will raise a shirley temple in his honor. He would love that!!!

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