Another celebration

August 3, 2009

Working on Grama Z's mailbox

Working on Grama Z's mailbox

Happy Birthday to Grama Z today!

  She is 95 years young.  I will be picking her up after work to take to mom’s house for dinner.  We celebrated last Sunday also.  I guess when you are 95 you can’t have too many birthday parties!

I’ll post a picture of the mailbox I painted her when I get access to it.  The idea was for us three kids to go together on the birthday project, so Bill bought it, I painted it, and Bob will install it.  That was last Friday’s project for me… more later about other projects of course.

Happy Monday friends!



3 Responses to “Another celebration”

  1. Amy Says:

    so happy you stopped by my blog. it was great meeting you a few weeks back!!!
    happy wednesday~

  2. shutterboo Says:

    That mailbox is incredibly cute. Do you post many photos of your artwork?

    • My website will include a gallery of work. I can certainly send you some other pictures if you are interested. Thanks for the comment/compliment! I just saw the mailbox in place at grama’s yesterday… it looks so happy next to the beat up old grey and black ones. 🙂

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