It’s Grama week

August 5, 2009

At one point in time this evening  I stopped and said to myself  “WOW.  Grama Z’s birthday was Monday – it’s only Wednesday”.  That was just about 45 minutes before my Grama A. called me on my cell phone.  Well, that’s the only phone I have, but the idea of my 96 year old Grama calling my cell is pretty cool if you ask me.  She wanted to know if I had my cousin Erik’s number (not to be confused with my nephew Erik ((both Erik James Anderson – which I think is pretty cool)) neither of which I think have made the blog until now) and I never did find out why.  Because…  we started talking about other things.

I mentioned earlier on, if you have been following, something about my book which ironically enough starts “It was an exceptionally cool day in July”.  Well, I have the comments from 1997 my Grama A. made regarding what I had composed to date.  She said my dad (I think) had told her about my reading it to them one Sunday afternoon recently after I found it in my garage amongst the many things I have yet to sift through a year after moving to Lockport Street (Nevermind I have been looking for this for years and KNEW it would come at the right time), and that all involved were enthused about the idea of my picking it back up and finishing it.  Add it to my list of things to accomplish…

Anyway, Grama A. also has a bunch of picture frames in her attic she thinks I might be able to do something creative with and on the phone also says there is a rug which she thinks would be perfect “for my little house” but if it isn’t removed from her garage soon she may just try to wash and it will be too much for her and the tubs downstairs.  I need to make a visit to see her – maybe this weekend although she emphasized by no means did her bringing any of this up imply that there was a hurry.  She did however talk with me about flowers, the garden, crosswords, and (I’m struggling for the word here and will no doubt use in a second…) cryptograms!  She claims she has some nerve to have commented on the beginnings of my book…  I assured her because she is certain she remembers nothing about it that when I go to visit I will not only bring what was written to date in order but the comments she had provided – only to expect that I will get new ones!

Have I mentioned before that I am fortunate?

Never underestimate the words of people who are listening…

Cheers! to Kristen, Kevin (Happy 47th yesterday!) and Nereida (chica) for another topic in another blog (this one is for the Gramas) – let’s not wait so long for the next time – beers were cold and good, but what I gain from my friendships from you inspires me just as the need to come and write this from the inspiration of my Gramas.




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