Two days are not enough

August 10, 2009

Well, Bob and I finished staining the bead board for the shop ceiling on Saturday.  And then we moved out all the tools and misc. “stuff” which was cluttering up the space.   This was with the thought that I could then clean the space and start layering the floor with paint.  Well…  I did borrow a shop vac from Bill (other brother) but it was only used Sunday for vacuuming out my very dirty car.  I’m getting closer, but two days on the weekend simply aren’t enough to do everything.  I know, I know… most everyone feels the same.  So at the least, friends, we have this in common, right?

I did put another coat of paint on the bottom portion of my garage sale find to be kitchen table…  that counts, right?  Sigh. 

And another heavy sigh for breaking Archie’s special food bowl.  I know it’s just a bowl, but Kirsten (‘fore mentioned niece) and I went to the Plainfield Art Factory mid-June last year and made it for him before I even knew it was for him… it was just for “kitty yet to be determined” at the time.  I guess the good part is I can make this one special just for him.  Add it to the list…

Well, just wishing you all a fabulous week!  I am my usual tired self on Monday but plan to be more productive than usual tomorrow night as I am inviting a girlfriend over Wednesday and need to vacuum and do some of the rest of that tedious basic household stuff.



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