It’s all about timing

August 13, 2009

Well, how far do I back up?  Remember Kevin whose birthday we celebrated last Tuesday… He happened to be “invited” to be on a committee for work regarding events for the diversity awareness events this month.  They decided to do a talent show amongst other things and Kevin (he says with me in mind) said “what about those who are talented but don’t do it real time like sing or dance or perform on stage style” – of course I paraphrase but it was something like that.  So… today they held an Art Gallery in which I participated.  I took a chair, a stool, couple different sized watering cans, a canister set, and a piece that has always been one of my favorites (AND Mom’s – if I didn’t mention that she’d notice – love you, mom 🙂 ) to display.  Things were well recieved but here in lies the clincher!…

I had already way before I knew about the gallery being today made plans with my girlfriend Kristen from work to visit Nona Jo’s on the way home.  They were having a trunk show today which was featuring Petal Pushers whose jewelry I love – see links to the right…  Well, I saw Jennifer whom I had met briefly on a lunch hour a week or so back and hope I expressed with enough sincerity that I was by no means trying to take her attention from all she had going on with the trunk show but ironically enough I had some of my functional art in the back of my car.  Now, let me tell you I LOVE this woman’s enthusiasm…  the immediate response was “Well, let’s check it out.”  I’m going to make a long story short here with just a couple of the details that tickled me…

the ironing board was protected under a rug in the back of the car – face up

i pulled the rug from the top of the board figuring she would just view it from there

she started trying to pull the ironing board from the back of the car

in the end

the ironing board now has a new home (hopefully temporarily) at Nona Jo’s

she loves it and claims she may just have to buy it herself…


ps.  Kristen bought some really cool square deco framed canvas blocks and a seriously cool dark red vasey thingy – awesome deals.  Happy girls we are.

Well, there you have it.  It’s all about timing.

Oh – and there was this cow I really wanted in there – someone bought it just days ago I was told.  Hmmm.  There is someone out there like me?  Fellow cow lover, come forward!

peace and love


2 Responses to “It’s all about timing”

  1. Fabulous fun Nona Jo’s is! Thanks for stopping in and saying hello, and thanks for posting our website! Hope to get together soon, so we can pick each other brains.

  2. Kzimmy Says:

    That WAS a great trip to NJ’s, wasn’t it!?! If I didn’t have to be somewhere I would have walked out of there with 20 more items…but we’ll get those on our next trips back there. Thanks for taking me. You have a real eye for great things. Afterall, you are friends with me! ; )

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