August 16, 2009

What is it that makes me so motivated one day and not so the next?  I did do some work yesterday on a chair which I’m really enjoying the results… worked a little bit on the kitchen table to be… and pulled another little stool/bench type piece out in a dark wood inspired by the dark wood of the ironing board boarding at Nona Jo’s.  Perhaps this afternoon I will paint a bit.  My thoughts for the chair are cosmos in yellow, pink and white – a very airy scene on an old chair which has been eclecticized “jen style” with Kirsten blue and asparagus green.  I just love the way the grain of the wood makes patterns as I paint and then sand…  I have access to three other chairs that match and may just do a ‘set’ that’s not really a ‘set’…

Continuing this post after meeting my girlfriend Kris at the house to drop off a little white tea table and chairs – child size.  I love Kris – and one of the things I really love is that she just came to drop off a couple things she offered me before they went to Goodwill and we stand and talk about whatever for no less than an hour each time.  Promise  to self – call Kris more often.  Feeds the soul…

Well, we are getting rain in spurts – a good thing for the yard even though I have not yet gotten the next 20 some bags of mulch I need to apply to “clean things up”… 

Archie will be waiting for me to watch more “Brothers and Sisters” on this gray afternoon… and maybe I’ll lay some paint on something in between…

Big THANKS to nephew Brad for the sweet hug and smile this morning – and congrats on your confirmation this morning…  and to Krissy who always makes my day – and for yet more furniture to “play with”.  I’m hoping some Saturday when the shop is open we can sit outside and bs in the sun…  just like back how we started.




2 Responses to “Motivation”

  1. Kzimmy Says:

    “What is it that makes me so motivated one day and not so the next?” -Notice that you leave the office on Friday all fired up to go home and work but that fizzles out as the weekend progresses? I’m guess it has something to do with ME! The longer you are away from me, the less motivation you have. I see a trend.

    PS Thanks for guiding me through the muck Saturday night! Oh, and I went to bed with the TV on and never looked out the front window again. Like the cop said, they ARE allowed to drive/walk on the street.

    • Any time. Maybe I need to up my texting limit so you can motivate me (mom me) from afar? 🙂 Seeing the trend and all… I did paint a bit Sunday afternoon after I posted… more later.

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