Crazy cat lady?

August 19, 2009

Happy Archie...

Happy Archie…

I have made reference to Archie a couple of times and thought today might be a good opportunity to introduce my roomie.  I picked this picture because I think it shows some of his character.  It’s abundant and hard to capture in one shot – believe me!  I hope each of you reading this has a special someone (pets included) or something which makes you smile everyday.  It’ll be a year September 27th that I picked up little “bee dub” (short for black and white) and I realize what a difference he makes.  Thank God for rescue orgs!

Have a great day all ~



One Response to “Crazy cat lady?”

  1. shutterboo Says:

    I think he’s cute! I’m a dog person as I’ve never had cats and the hubs is allergic but I love that they “make biscuits.” Love it.

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