Funky funky weather

August 27, 2009

I continue to be amazed at the weather we have had this summer.  There are always statistics on average rainfall and temp, but how about days in July and August with green grass?!  REALLY green grass. 

I love the fact that my kitchen window has a great view of the backyard.  The window is perfectly centered to see all the way from side to side.  However, now that we have had two days of rain and it is prime weed pulling time I need to do that and get the rest of the mulch down in the beds.  It will be so nice to have everything look clean and tidy.  Perhaps some mums will be purchased too for accent…  Hmmm.

So with that being said – feel free to comment (give me an eyeful) if I do not post by Sunday to say that the deed is done.  Well, there are the windows to finishing painting too, so don’t be too hard on me. 

**Archie looks like a little Holstein… perhaps I can have him “graze” the weeds…**

Enjoy the day!



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