I wish I had a picture…

August 29, 2009

In my mind’s eye I see my brother Bill and his best friend Ron smiling that best friend smile like they share some inside joke no one else would ever get.  My part in this?  I just happened to be lucky enough to have Ron Mentzer as a somewhat adopted brother.  Ronnie grew up across the street from us on Fox River Street in small town Plainfield, Illinois.  We were 605 and they were 506.  I wrote and just deleted one of my favorite memories… because the real message is “Happy Birthday Ron!”  You have brought much joy to our lives and we love you every day for it.  Peace and love to you and your family.  Hi Lisa!  You appear to have gotten just what we wished for you – love and success and the opportunity to pass the torch.  May your boys be a blend, but have a whole bunch of you in them. 🙂

always your friend



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