August 30, 2009

Should weekends really be filled tight with projects?  I am going to admit it up front.  NO, the windows are not painted and the mulch was not purchased and applied.  BUT it was a beautiful weekend and I did do a couple of things.

AND Jake and Alex came to visit today.  It’s been a while.  I got thumbs up on the shop ceiling and the wall color, and of course had to discuss my vision for the floor.  All good stuff.  And Archie had people for whom to show off his toy chasing talents.  All in all a good weekend.

Thanks to mom and dad for the use of the power tools I have yet to obtain – a screw gun completed the hanging of a hook for my living wreath of bridal veil by the bird bath to the east side of the yard on the fence and another old window in the dressingroom for scarves and beads and such.  Mom and Jen projects.

Not so much in the mood to write, but had to include nephew and niece Jake and Alex … Jake should be checking the blog about now… 🙂

Cardio class starts tomorrow night!  I look forward to instructing again… long weekend next weekend…

enjoy and have a great week



One Response to “Weekends”

  1. severnyproductions Says:

    whats life if you don’t take time out to enjoy it

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