So true

September 5, 2009

From an email in parenthesis a friend said (even mean people have to sleep)…  morning is such a beautiful time.

Looking out the window to the west from my couch this morning I could see the mist lifting as trucks and cars drove by.  The subtle sounds of people on their way to multiple destinations in the not distant street made me smile.  I could have been looking out the flaps of my tent in Colorado for a brief moment as I realized there was a great day ahead and much to be happy for.  Crazy or content?  Sometimes I’m not sure. 

Maybe I’m just riding the high I get after a visit with a good friend.  Tina came over yesterday afternoon which turned into last night as we transitioned from my house to her brother’s house.  A couple things worth mention:  1.  Huge compliment in my book – she said she could move into my place just as is without a thought (first time visitor) 2.  She didn’t want our visit to end and instead had her husband pick both of us up and t0ok me to meet her brother and friends.  Happy day!  I do love people.  Tina and I talked about how we met, what was going on in our lives then, what is going on now and other things that made/make us who we are today that happened far before we knew each others names…  and we laughed and if we wanted to we probably could have cried too.  Friends.  A season, a reason or a lifetime – and sometimes you get all three.  Happy day.

Well…  I have lists!  Lists!  And I have already crossed a couple of items off them.  It feels like a good day.




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