Need more pictures

September 7, 2009

I’ll work on that – more pictures.

Well, I have crossed some things off my lists for certain.  And of course without actually writing them down I have probably added more than I have crossed off from the original lists.  Oh well.  I think in reality this is a good thing – or maybe just in theory.  Something to look forward to doing.  Like…

Kris called this morning to confirm dates for Utah this coming winter season – yeeeee ha! – February 4 – 8 outside of Park City in —- I want to say Deer Valley or The Canyons but I can’t say for certain because I do not exactly remember… anyway for me it doesn’t matter.  I will ski.  I will be with girls I enjoy.  The sky is blue, the snow is white, and the evergreens are GREEN!  Soul, hold on – here it comes!  The stuff that inspires me all year round…

This “holiday” Labor Day Monday has been part ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ with Archers Midland on the couch, moving things around the pad, weeding a bit to find how REALLY dry it is despite the gorgeous summer we are having, moving some furniture and shop equpiment (thanks mom as always – she also picked up the dead bird on the list – almost asked Kris), and some painting projects.  The painting projects are why I need to learn to take more pictures again.  The beginning and the end are so very different I just get a kick out of it all. 

I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend.  I start another fitness class Wednesday so things will continue to get more busy… and I look forward to it!




2 Responses to “Need more pictures”

  1. KZ Says:

    We have a job to do…
    A lunch time trip to downtown Naper.

    For me – A new purse for fall/winter
    For you – Inspiration for painting the shop floor
    Win Win!

    See how I am always there for you! ; )

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