Quick but necessary

September 17, 2009

I find it necessary to post quickly to say I came straight home (well, not really straight home – I went to buy some canvases for an addition to the project I just did for my legal friend Colette at work because she loves her bucket thingy to roll towels in for her powder room and needed something to go with it so I think a couple or three 12 x 12 canvases to coordinate will be just the thing – she was taking the stuff home to check it out tonight to bring back tomorrow so I can start the addition to the project this weekend if all is copacetic… and as I was on a creative roll of sorts I had to stop to visit my ironing board at Nona Jo’s… the board is doing fine and of course I had another great pleasure of meeting Leigh (Jennifer from previous post) sister and co-owner and of course had to buy some adorable bracelets and a great little Frenchy looking tin… and THEN I drove straight home… well, OK.  I stopped for beer – you will know why in just a second) … to once again, scrape, sand and prime the front porch!  Sheesh – mom works me like a slave as a rentee, doesn’t she?  It’s all about getting the porches done before the rain comes.

More later friends!  And MORE pictures I promise.

jen (by jennifer)


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