Holiday gifts

September 30, 2009

Hello friends –

It seems like it’s been a while since I have relayed what I’ve been doing.  Oh – I know, you miss me; can’t live without the updates…  Enough of the sarcasm. 

I WILL be posting some pictures in the next couple of days.  I have two – two -two coats of paint on the shop floor!

And on a serious (well, as serious as I get) note I am thinking holidays already… and the fact that I have quite a few unfinished – ready to paint – just wanting to be “jennified” items that you might be interested in for gifts.  If we were to start to collaborate now, you would still have the option to purchase something alternative should my vision not be yours.  Think on it!  Send me an email.  (You can always click on my Shop Hours page here or go to my website and click on Contact.)

In particular I’m thinking of a beautiful black high chair I was given – I’m sure it’s Pottery Barn and barely ever been used – if you have a particular color scheme and know someone in the need for a great gift… we can make it work!  Actually now that I am thinking about it – Kristen?!  Kristen!  It’s black!  And I have never intended to put too much detail on it – oh I’m getting excited thinking about it!  Ok – there you go – if you are interested contact me or it may be swooped up as soon as this post is read. 

I also have some really unique chairs and stools, an end table or two, watering cans, containers, and I can always paint something you might have… anyway, wanted to throw this out there while I was thinking about it.  I also have a chest of drawers I started but it’s not to the point that it cannot be tailored if you have a color scheme in mind – oh!  and a cool old pie chest I picked up this summer… and it seems like another – oh yes! an old garden tool carrier thingy that is already distressed in stark white and will be beautiful when embellished…

Now I have to do some house cleaning.  I’ll be happy for it when I’m done…  it’s just getting started this challenges me some days.  Particularly going to the basement to do some “cleaning for Archie”…

More interesting posts and pictures soon.  I know I keep promising.  I’m just one of those people who sometimes needs a little slack in time to deliver.

Tomorrow is October!  My favorite!




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