I was born this day in 1969

October 16, 2009

I have always loved my birthday.

I  have the greatest people I can call FAMILY… and FRIENDS… so I share my day with you…

It started with “Happy Jen Day!!!  Hope you enjoy your birthday today and have fun downtown with your mom!  Hope this year is the best year yet!” 5:49 AM

And it included my yearly message from my friend Mark who never fails.  And I want to say just the right thing here but I am absent for the words.  Except I love you friend.

I’m not going to type word for word as I thought I might, but I can tell you I have saved each message…

From “I hope your day is filled with majestic wonders” to ” I can’t believe your 40 how old does that make my dad?” to “Forty is the old age of youth” to “YO happy B day”. 

I love you all.  And I am including some shots of me at 40 and some of the peeps that keep me whole. 

Let love rule.  Art is subjective.  Life is hard.  Peace is individual.  And every day is new…

peace  love  and  happiness

jennifer marie anderson  10 16 69

great cake!

great cake!

One Response to “I was born this day in 1969”

  1. kristen Says:

    Cute post! Glad you had a memorable day.

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