Bits and pieces…

November 4, 2009

First of all I have to shout out thanks to my friend Kristen for pointing out that although I love my birthday I needed to get on with it and post something new.  I’ve been meaning to, I swear.  It’s not because of the birthday.  So…

Well, I have been much more productive.  A promise I made myself for the second stage of my life here starting at 40.  This is kind of a funky picture but I’m going to include it because it has many elements.

1.  Tulips – 50 to be finished planting for Spring – I can’t wait to see them bloom

2.  The power drill to plant the tulips – necessary when planting that many (and Yes, Annie – I was listening to the White Stripes… “be like the squirrel girl”)

3.  The windows I have mentioned are being primed (still, I know) but that leads me to

4.  To the right under the windows… See the baseboard HEAT!  So that will allow painting and finishing in the cold.  It heats up RIGHT NOW.  I’m not thinking about the electric bill… I will not fear the electric bill… are you believing it?  I’m not.  But what can I do.

5.  And what would my projects be without my furry companion as you can see.

tulips arch heat shop 112009

One other picture for you.  Thinking still along the lines of holidays coming and gifts, etc.  This is a chair which happens to set right next to my stove on the way out to the shop which leads to the driveway.  Doesn’t everyone have one of these places where you set all the “stuff” that needs to go to the car, be returned to someone, take with you when you head out?  Well, this is mine for now.  Funny thing is in this picture it only has one lonely little item that needs to go back to mom’s house.  Oh – and, of course, the chair will be in the shop for sale at some point.  It is one of a set of four… I’ll tell you more about them later.  DSCN3607

And… well… as long as I have taken so long to post I am going to add one more picture.  I’ve decided not to re-read everything to see who to date I have mentioned and who I have not, so not certain if I ever told you all about my great-aunt Pat.  Kindred spirit for certain.  I used to go to visit her in Florida with my parents on spring break.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I walked in her kitchen and she had painted big flowers straight on her walls!  I had recently done the same thing right over my wallpaper one late night in my bedroom!  (Yes, mom loves me anyway – I was 14 I think)

The following picture is of a drawing she did which is one of three I will be framing to put in the house somewhere.  I just love them.

Aunt Pats Lady

Hard to believe it is November!  Hope everyone is well…



2 Responses to “Bits and pieces…”

  1. Kristen Says:

    It may have taken you a while to post, but I agree with you, it’s a good one. LOVE the pic of Archie looking out the window all curious and such. You really use a power drill to plant your bulbs? NEVER would have thought of that. You are so creative in so many ways.

    By the way…further proof that you love stretching out your b-day is the fact that today is the day we are [finally] taking you out for lunch! I guess 40 is a big one, might as well milk it for all it’s worth. Jen, Jen, Jen.

  2. THANK YOU KRISTEN! I have more Archie pictures, too, but I don’t want to seem like the crazy cat lady so I will spread them out on here. OH – AND I should have more pictures of items for sale this weekend. Keep me in check if I don’t get them on here soon. Have a great day!

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