Windows and Trim

November 6, 2009

Good morning!  Happy Friday!  And happy, happy, happy gotta love my brother Bob working on the shop today!  I called him this morning and he is already there to entertain “bee dub” kitty.  He has the heat on in the shop (to my dismay at 70) – see last post – yay!  And this will allow him to sand the trim and then paint trim and finish priming windows.  I’m psyched!  When I left Archie (bee dub) was on the stove looking out into the shop.  I will guess that will be his perch for most of the day now.

Well, I have things I must attend to so this post is short.  One thing I wanted to point out – I added another link to the right to click to help feed rescue animals.  Please click the link to donate and sign up for the daily reminder.  I’ve been clicking for years and I just love to read the stories each day.  Animals add so much love to life.  With that being said here’s another picture for you.  He’s giving me the “Enough with the camera, Jen!” look.

Mom says archie 112009

Have a fabulous weekend all!  It is supposed to be beautiful here – 60 and partly sunny.  My last chance to finish the outdoor stuff… and of course I will let you know how that goes.



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