10 days?!

November 19, 2009

I can’t believe it is November 19th.  And I haven’t posted for 10 days.

I can’t believe it is one week until Thanksgiving.

I can’t believe I did not post about how much work we got done last weekend!

I have almost felt like I always need to include a photo so I tend to not post lately, but I do owe a huge online THANKS to my family as always for their great help last weekend.  As Bill cleaned out his very large storage space, Bob, Kirsten, Brad, Mom and I worked at Lockport Street to clear out the large garage there.  It all ties together really.  Cars and equipment and “things” will be shifted from one place to the other and in the end when all the dust settles, everyone wins. 

While they were getting started out there I finished priming all the windows in the shop and got more paint on the floor.  I have slightly changed my original plan for it and now am about three layers away from being ready to sand and then urethane it and voila! complete!  I’m pretty excited about it really.

And so I do have a picture for you…  finally got a flag on the front of the house. 

The picture is a bit bland as the landscape is not in bloom and you can’t see the pretty fall wreath on the door, but I’m happy to have my flag and now you get a glimpse of what the “carpenter cottage” style 1860 house looks like. 

Well, I suppose that is it for now.

Hope you are all having a great week.  I’m looking forward to finishing the floor this weekend amongst many other things.  More soon!


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