Thanks and more

November 29, 2009

Well, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving and then accomplished all we said we wanted the next day.  Many may do the black Friday thing, but mom and I do the “thankful it’s nice outside decorate for Christmas while our hands aren’t frozen solid get it out-of-the-way just ready for the town carriage ride decorate the outside of the houses” thing.  She’s pretty slick really as after so many years we have it down to a process of ease…  who ever knew wire coat hangers could be so useful…  anyway they are what we use to hang the swag on her fence (occurs to me I had to think about the word “swag” as now it has a whole ‘nother meaning)…  anyway…  we got it all done…. 

It is so hard to capture in photo how pretty her house is on such a grey day.  In fact I had a photo here, but I took it out because it didn’t make the cut…  maybe I’ll include one later…

So here is what town looks like…

And as you go around the corner you see “the Bin” which is next to the jen abode…

And then you get to my place… la cottage… cabin… abode… domicile… Archie’s house…

Decorated for Christmas…  

Again… not so impressive in photo on a grey day…

Well, there you go…  another post will tell the tale of all the work I did in the “dungeon” another time.  I hope you all had a most wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family and/or friends.  And take a step back and enjoy the holiday season for what it is really meant to be…


jen (by jennifer)


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