Happy New Year!

January 5, 2010

Ok… so I’m a little late with posting that but it’s the first time I’m writing since before it so it still counts.  Kinda like if it’s the first time you see someone at work after the holiday, right?

What a great time we had!  Starting with an AWESOME Bears game Monday night the 28th.  My nephew Jake and I were a last minute addition to the planned event for brother Bill and our friend Carter.  Jake and I got a vibe as soon as we got out of the car… ask him – it’s true!  Here we are before the game.  As you can see the seats are almost all empty around us.  We got there early to make sure we infested the stadium with that winning vibe we had…

Notice Jake in just a hoodie but me in my down “sleeping bag” – ha!
The next day Jake and Bill followed Carter, Archie, and me out of town and headed to Missouri where we met up with Mom, Dad, Sam and Ely at M & D’s house.  Then began the multiple games of Scrabble, and two Euchre tournaments, bottle rockets to be shot, wine to be drank, munchies to be grazed upon…  good times.
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, too!
Now it’s down to business if this shop is going to open in May!
Cheers ~

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