Not “Ace of Cakes” but…

January 14, 2010

Ok – How cool is this?!  My niece is on the cover of the latest Joliet Junior College catalog. 

You may recognize her from earlier posts as she is the birthday cake creator of two of my all time favorite birthday cakes ever, and I have a picture of one of them from this year…  maybe I’ll have to post the Archie cake from last year at some point. 

Anyway, if it weren’t for my cousin having stayed with me last Friday night I would have thrown out the catalog without a second glance, BUT because he was there when I brought in the mail Saturday morning I put the mail on my desk in my office (I use those terms “desk” and “office” loosely).  So I was in there looking for something else when out of the corner of my eye I see Kirsten!  She is on the far right in the burgandy polo shirt.

I have referred to her as the “next Ace of Cakes” but that is not quite right.  Although she will be as creative and talented I’m certain… she will have her own spin no doubt and be leading a new wave not following an old one.  Cheers, Kirst!


aunt jen


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