Well, it’s Monday…

February 15, 2010

Well, it’s Monday and Yes, yes I did get a lot done this weekend.  Maybe not as much as I wanted, but it wasn’t because I was being lazy. 

I did get the shop floor done, but then I decided to tear apart my kitchen to re-paint.  No, it’s not done, and I’ll have to work on it these next few evenings as it is EMPty and everything is crammed in my “office” now.  Archie doesn’t seem to mind because he can get to his cereal feeder and water dispenser… and of course there is plenty of room in the barren kitchen to put down his “shred” in the AM and PM…  but I will tire of the mess at some point.

I hope to include some before and after pictures for you later.  In addition to painting, seeing that I have such little counter space, mom helped by adhering a speckled contact paper to the counter tops.  It really freshens it up.  May not come through as that drastic in picture, but it certainly cleans it up in person and looks great with the wall color.

Well, the mystery of the work week not shooting by as quickly as the weekends do is in play now.  Better get at it!

Have a great week.



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