Mondays come so fast…

April 12, 2010

Well, hello all! 

It was a beautiful Spring weekend here in Chicagoland!  I got out back Friday afternoon and burned off all the stuff that was piled in the fire pit and on the back patio area.  Awesome fire!  And now at the least it is clean and tidy back there so I can cut back the grasses along the fence and get started on moving pots, etc. 

I also got out under the tree between the shop and the driveway and weeded and turned up the mulch.  Still have a bit more to do and then Preen and hopefully it will maintain pretty much on its own.  I know I will want to work in the beds out back this Summer more than I will want to be out on the street side.  This will be the year for starting the garden area!  Thanks to mom (and Grama A who gives her a gift certificate every year for White Flower Farm…) I have 25 lily bulbs to start with! 

I have also been working on the kitchen… Actually what you see on the backsplash right now had to get wiped out and re-started, but I figured I would share anyway.  This wasn’t complete-complete anyway. 🙂  More pictures later!  Just figured I should throw something in here as it’s been a while…  when I am completely done I’ll show you a before and after – will make much more of an impact.

Well, on to the job I get paid for… have a great week!



One Response to “Mondays come so fast…”

  1. Kim Says:

    Your kitchen is so bright and cheery! Just like you! Love ya-Kim

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