Art ADD?

April 23, 2010

Do you think there is such as thing as project/art ADD?  If you haven’t heard of it before… let me be the first to explain it to you. 

First let me tell you a little more about what brought me to where I am today…  I was raised by a very responsible wonder woman.  The house was not only clean but decorated.  And it was not filled with purchased items, but filled with hand-made flower arrangements, a centerpiece for every table, framed family pictures on the walls and all while also filled with the smell of homemade cookies and/or bread in the oven.  My clothes were also made at home and as much as I hated it back then I talked with her years ago about how I was going to commission her to make ALL my clothes when she retired.  Not so.  Ok… so I obviously am NOT complaining, but… I wonder if this is not part of my art ADD issue?

I want to/have/dream of/start/live so many projects and am constantly interested in something new that I find myself in the middle of six different projects at any one time.  And still compelled to start more of them!  Without finishing the ones in progress!  And back to the idea of having been raised by a wonder woman who did all the things I mention with FOUR children of which I am the youngest, I feel the need to always have my house in form for company (which is so much more important now that I live right on the main street of town and am the bachelorette friend of mostly mommys who refer to my place as the “Womans Club” AND WOULD HAVE IT NO OTHER WAY).  It’s really not all that much.  It’s just me and the Arch.  I don’t have kids.  I am not responsible for anyone except myself and sometimes I don’t even do a great job of handling that.  Is my art ADD from being the product of an artistic mom who put everything else before art?  Or am I an artist stuck in the mind of a someone who was raised conservatively and thinks I have to do all the other stuff too?  When really as long as whatever I am working on is tripping my trigger I’m a giggling!?!

Oh well…  I guess the edges of my canvas I’m painting are probably dry by now so I can hang it back on the wall… so rather than ponder this topic any longer – off I go to slather some paint!  Perhaps I will share some photos again later.  And yes, I still need to finish the back splash, the kitchen door to the shop, the shop, the decoupage frames for the bedroom, clean, decorate, play ball with Archie…  life couldn’t be better!

PS – thanks to SARAH for another art idea!!!  She knows what I’m talking about…

Happy Friday friends ~




One Response to “Art ADD?”

  1. mamasez Says:

    Definitely. I have suffered from Project ADD for years! The only prescription–one more project–lol!

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