Ha! It was a temporary feeling…

June 29, 2010

It must have just been one of those moments I think many of us feel.  That short lived period of being overly critical of our work.  Well, that must have been it.  Because I painted all day Friday and was very pleased with the end results.  The show went well on Saturday and I sold two of the pieces I had produced on Friday as a matter of fact.

This little black stool is on its way to New Jersey.  Safe travels!

I met some great people Saturday and made a couple connections for the shop, too.  And how can one not be inspired by the gardens at the Growing Place?!  Wow.  Again, if you haven’t been visit www.thegrowingplace.com.  It’s a must see nursery.  And watch for the events coming up and for the date of the Gardener’s Art Fest next year.  There were some very talented vendors there again this year.

Quick update on Lockport Street…  The shop trimwork should be finished within the next month and I will be actively merchandising and setting up displays.  I’ll keep you updated and of course you can always check the shop hours tab as well.

Have a great fourth!  Yes, it is already Fourth of July weekend upcoming.  Where does the time go?!



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