Updated Gallery

July 27, 2010

Hello all!

It’s certainly been a bit too long since I last added a post considering this is where I direct people to follow what’s up with the opening of the shop.  Sorry folks.  Well, as a continued effort to follow the path of generating interest in jen by Jennifer I have updated my gallery on www.jenbyjennifer.com over the past couple of days.  Take a peek!  Here is a snapshot of the gallery page.

Archie and I are still working around the house and out in the backyard.  He goes “on safari” now with me and it seems to be working out well for the most part.  I’m still challenged with the garden area but everything else is looking quite nice if I say so myself.  Another thing I have been intending to do… add some photos of how the yard is coming along.  I’ll get to it!

There has been a delay in having the windows and porch painted, but meanwhile I have many other projects to lead me toward my goal.  I know it’s almost not worth throwing out there at this point, but I’m thinking of an event for mid-October.  I’ll keep you posted. 

Hope all is well for each of you!

Enjoy – this season will soon be the next before we realize.



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