Mother’s Day – Early or Late?

January 30, 2011

Good morning.  The stool is ready to be delivered to mom.  Will do that in a little bit.  Now to pick the next project.  I have a large white watering can I started… but I also want to put a coat of paint on the window that was going to be a pot rack but is now going to be the holder for stained glass fireflies in my shop…  I guess I can do both!  So the picture…  Archie is sitting on his favorite chair by the windows on the east side of the shop.  The unpainted frame and little mirror are recent acquisitions from GZ.  And the mirror has been in my dressing room but I had to finally tear it away to prep it for sale in the shop.  I miss it in there, but hey…  Oh and you can see the flowers on the floor reflected in it.  And a little bitty bit of the leg of another old ironing board waiting to be revived.  Guess I should get out of my jammies and get going.  Have a great day!  

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