Can it! … (containers for almost anything)

June 18, 2011

Today’s featured item(s) are a set of canisters.  I have them posed as kitchen containers, but because they are water resistant and have tight-fitting lids they would be great in the bathroom for cotton swaps and hair accessories as well.  Take a look –

Although my house has splashes of color throughout (as seen in the backsplash and picture), these would be great as a mobile accent you can put away for a 3-season room to hold cards or Scrabble letters – anything fun.  And… the small one is only $12 and the larger one $15.  For less than $30 you can have one-of-a-kind containers that you couldn’t get for that price even at HomeGoods!  If you are interested in these and can’t make it to the show, let me know.  I can certainly ship them or bring them to you.

So much for a rainy Saturday!  Who besides me thinks the weather forecasters have it made?  They can be completely wrong and still can do it over again!  It’s not a blue sky picture-perfect day in P-ville, but it is certainly cooperating for some painting in the backyard.  Off I go!

Tomorrow’s featured item – something to inspire your flowers!  Come back and see…



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