A Different Kind of Bucket List

June 21, 2011

I’ll get you started, but then you challenge yourself to come up with a list of the different ways you can use today’s feature item – the bright and functional 6-inch diameter yellow bucket!  I particularly like the color combination on this one (orange and blue on a yellow background – simple).  Fill it full of all the colors you can find – colored markers, pens, colored pencils or all sorts of color-handled scrapbooking shears.  This is a great portable solution for kid fun or an easy way to liven up an office or craft room.  I’m a big kid who likes their “colors” so I use a similar one (not pictured) to hold all my markers.

Pick it up and try it with colors you wouldn’t expect on a patio or kitchen table.  I show it above on a turquoise and white place mat with a red candle holder.  Neither of those colors are in the bucket – what’s up with that?  It’s a great way to pretty up a table and have napkins and utensils on hand for every day or when you’re expecting guests but don’t know how many.

If you’ve read the home page on my website, the inspiration for my work came from wanting all my items to be functional.  This is another example of just that – use it, love it, put it away for later and take it back out when you need a pick me up.  What a great way to have versatility in a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Happy Tuesday!




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