Sharing Flowers

August 16, 2011

My black-eyed susans are amazing!  And abundant.  To think they came in a shopping bag, dried up and dead-looking about 12 years ago from my friend P… crazy.

Happy Tuesday All!


4 Responses to “Sharing Flowers”

  1. mamasez Says:

    Those are beautiful. One of my hobbies is photography. Sometimes I focus on flowers. Beautiful shot.

  2. Love ’em! I love sharing flowers too – it’s so fun to “mentally shop” through my mother-in-law’s perennial garden every summer. Keeps things affordable & there are stories to tell!

  3. That’s part of being a gardener – or so I was taught. These actually were planted the first time at my previous residence and I shared some with my mom then. Since that time I’ve moved and am working on a different backyard (where the photo is taken – obviously) and these, although from the same original “share”, came back to me from my mom. These and many other plants we are always exchanging. I have to get more pictures up… I know, I know.

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