Project for a Friend

January 22, 2012

Good morning blog friends –

I want to share a picture of the mirror and pitcher I’m bubble-wrapping to go in the car in hopes of getting together with my friend Kristen soon.  It’s a good example of how spray paint can make something come back to life.  She spotted this mirror leaning against the wall in my house when she was over a couple years ago and asked if it were ever going to go in my shop for sale.  I told her it would not if she wanted it – it’d be hers.  Since that time she and her husband Chris have bought a new house (and had two of the most adorable twin girls!) and she says she has just the spot for it.  It was originally silver when I bought it.  I painted it black some time way back to go in a bathroom.  It had some scratches so I put another coat on it.  It’s good to go now.  I love the embossed flowers.  It’s a nod to my love for painting flowers.  Hopefully I’ll have a photo of it in it’s new home to share in the near future.









Have a great Sunday all.  I’m also working on a couple of closet makeovers this weekend.  Perhaps I’ll show before and after shots when I’m done.



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