$28 Flower Buckets – 10 Days and Counting Down

June 12, 2013

If a yellow-orange background with white, orange and red flowers isn’t your thing … not a big deal.  I have another one of that color you can choose your flower palette to finish.

Also pictured below you can choose from (left to right) dark green (2), light greenish-blue, dark cocoa brown (2), red, and light cocoa brown.   The dark cocoa behind the yellow-orange might be difficult to see because only the top is peeking over in the picture but it’s very pretty I can assure you.  Bright colors on dark really pop if that’s of interest to ya.

$28 Hand-Painted Flower Buckets

$28 Hand-Painted Flower Buckets

I’m going to be painting, painting and PAINTING the next week or so, so if you’d like a certain color combo, call me or email me as soon as possible so that your color isn’t taken.  You can fill out a contact sheet at www.jenbyjennifer.com or email jen@jenbyjennifer.com or call me at 815.685.9610.  The best way to get your items quickly will be to come by the Growing Place on Saturday, June 22,  where I’ll be participating in the Art in the Garden Festival again this year.  Believe me, you will not be disappointed in this show.

Super nice artist disclaimer:  If you order ahead and are disappointed in your chosen “jen” flower bucket, we’ll talk.  I don’t want anyone to be unhappy. (If you ask for crazy colors, I may make you stick to it! Just sayin’… but I guess you can just not show up and well there ya go… )

Well here it is … Day 10 and counting … $28 flower buckets that serve many purposes!

Watch tomorrow for more items.  Hope  to see you soon!

jen by jennifer



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