Jaipur: First attraction

June 27, 2015

On our first day in Jaipur we arrived in the late afternoon to rest at the hotel and then our ever-helpful driver Annu took us out to a jewelry store in the evening. The next day we picked up a tour guide to take us to see four different attractions. The first was the Palace of Winds (Hawa Mahal) built in 1799 by Maharajah Sawai Pratap Singh. As always, crossing to the other side of the street was an adventure in itself, but we made it safely to take a few pictures and then back to the car to head to the Amber Fort.

The Wind Palace Jaipur India

The funny scenario that isn’t captured here is me almost backing into a street performer with a cobra!  I kept backing up to try to get a good shot of the palace and didn’t realize they were behind me until John said something when we were walking away. I HATE snakes!

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