Jaipur: Fifth attraction (City Palace)

July 15, 2015

I misstated the number of attractions we saw in one day while visiting Jaipur. Technically we saw five because the observatory was at the entrance of the City Palace. Honestly, at the point we went through the entrance to the palace complex we were pretty burned out and we opted out of going into the palace itself. What we saw from the courtyards was equally as impressive architecturally as the other forts and palaces we’d seen but I didn’t take many pictures.

Here’s a picture of John and I at one of the more ornate entrances to the complex. Not a great picture of either of us, but focus on the detail around us. The peacock, being the national bird of India, fills this entrance in a brilliant display of color and craftsmanship.

City Palace Jaipur 04252015


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