The Taj at Night

July 20, 2015

I forget where I first heard/read about seeing the Taj Mahal at night but it was something I was very excited about on the days leading up to my trip to India. Taj night viewings are only open two days before, the night of, and two days after a full moon. Timing was right for John and I to go on May 2.

It was not expensive to buy tickets to see the Taj at night so I have no complaints. We’re really glad we did it but we also kind of had to laugh about it. Literally, seeing the Taj at night is nothing more than being bused to the destination, herded like cattle through gates to the top of the stairs that lead down to the garden, the lights are turned off and there you have it. What it definitely did do is make the visit the next day that much more amazing. I would recommend the night view before going for a day visit with a guide if you get the chance.

The Taj at night 042015

2 Responses to “The Taj at Night”

  1. Sketchpacker Says:

    Would a visit to the Taj at sunset be more exciting maybe? I can see a glimmer of sunset here!

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