Dogs of India: 8

September 14, 2015

black and white India dog_8

Dogs of India: 7

August 12, 2015

This little pup knew how to work the camera!

Ham pup at Khan

Ham dog at Khan collage

Neemrana Fort Palace

July 30, 2015

Although this would have been a great place to share with someone special (um, John!), it was a nice experience flying solo. I would recommend it for anyone in the area particularly if you find India to be a little overwhelming at times. For me, Neemrana was only a two-hour ride out of Gurgaon and got me away from the traffic and the noise and the hotel where I am living.

There are no TVs in the rooms, they say they have WiFi but that’s a joke, and they don’t do room service. You’re forced to relax and that’s OK (unless being sans those items stresses you out). You pretty much need to have the stamina and leg strength of a mountain goat to make your way up, down and around through narrow passages on stone steps to navigate the palace grounds, but that was fine with me too.

Neemrana passage collage

The best part of the palace was the upper pool.

Neemrana pool

The spa treatments were AMAZING too. I had a full body treatment the first day and a facial the morning that I left.  It would be worth going back just for treatments but I could justify the trip for the pool alone.

I only stayed over one night and spent most of my time at the pool. I did hike around and stopped in one dining area for a drink and a bite to eat.  It was good.  I met some fun people, too, but didn’t join them for tea or dinner because mostly the point of my trip was to take some time alone with few distractions and unwind.

Dogs of India: 6

July 29, 2015

dogs of india 6

Ironically enough, I just watched a documentary on the History Channel last night about the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. It was extremely interesting. Much of the architectural detail of the fort was replicated in the Taj. The following pictures show details that I could easily mistake for those from the Taj Mahal. Fortunately, my files are sorted! Compare the flowers below to the ones in a previous post of the Taj detail and you’ll see what I mean.

Agra fort detail collage

The history of the Agra Fort is as interesting as any other story we heard from the guides throughout Jaipur and at the Taj Mahal. One part of the story I enjoy the most is that “At the end of his life, Shah Jahan was deposed and restrained by his son, Aurangzeb, in the fort. It is rumoured that Shah Jahan died in Muasamman Burj, a tower with a marble balcony with a view of the Taj Mahal.” 

I thought the view of the Taj from Agra Fort was even more impressive in some ways than seeing it up close. (Of course you’ll find better pictures than this one in the links I’ve included.)

Taj as viewed from Agra Fort

I want to clearly express how fortunate I am to have the experiences in India that I’ve been sharing. As admitted before, I am by no means a history buff and unfortunately am very ignorant (in the true meaning of the word) when it comes to world history. I now find myself watching history programs that I would have clicked past without a thought, and I am excited to be able to say in many cases that “I’ve been there!”

Dogs of India: 5

July 24, 2015

Dogs of India biker dog 5

I’m not sure I ever thought I would be able to say, “I have seen the Taj Mahal.” I’m pretty sure I hadn’t thought about it until I was presented with the opportunity to come to India for work. I have a funny memory of camping with my brother and his friends one year where someone put up a sign on their tent naming it the Taj Mahal. There have definitely been other references to it that have caused me to pause, but the thoughts of it were short-lived.

Well, now I can say it. Not a picture I would normally share (not good of either of us) but I am in front of the Taj and I have proof.

Taj Mahal 05032015

It was really amazing. Although our guide was getting on my nerves — he was WAY too cheesy — he did a great job of making the history interesting and encouraging us to really enjoy the details (insisting,actually). I am very thankful for that.

Taj collage