Ready for TGP Saturday!

June 16, 2019

Looking forward to another Saturday at The Growing Place Gardeners Art Festival. Come out and buy yourself something fun and fill in those baskets with flowers. I’ll help you water them!

Need to take a seat? I can help there too!

See you soon. Have a terrific week. I’m still painting.


It is watering season. And it’s been SO dry which makes it all the more important to fill your cans and get out there. If you haven’t yet, you should sign up for the TGP newsletter. They share watering tips in the latest edition plus other great info. Use the link in the sidebar on the right to reach their site.

Meanwhile, check out a closer look at the watering cans I have at the Naperville location so you can pick one up and water in color!

Where did October go?!

November 3, 2014

This is CRAZY! My month just flew by. And I swear it flew by faster than any of the others. It’s just not fair. I didn’t even carve pumpkins this year! I’m going to try not to be sad about it, but geesh… 😦

I thought this was exceptionally cute and seeing that I haven’t made time to post anything fun lately, I thought I would share this!

Posting quickly before I start to focus on the day’s editing, writing, strategizing, etc.  Those are the things I get paid for at my ‘real’ job.

I am OFF tomorrow and Monday! And then the real work will begin as I continue to clean and straighten the house and try to help get the kitchen finished (before and after pictures to come at a later date). I met with my friend Megan last night and found myself answering the often asked question “So what’s the style?” with the following:

I’m working toward an eclectic mix that will highlight the fact that it’s very much an upgrade from where it was while trying not to make it too modern for the rest of the house

Here’s a picture I found in my phone that I think is pretty cool.


It’s going to be fun to decorate once all the foundational pieces are complete.

Have a good day everyone. It’s the second day of my favorite month of the year!

jen (by jennifer)

SO pretty!

April 28, 2014

Thanks mom for the BEAUtiful anemone! It is in the ground and being watered in well with all this rain.


Where Did Day 4 Go?!

June 19, 2013

I painted all day yesterday and totally forgot to post … back to painting in just a bit.  I’ll try to remember to post a photo of what I’ve accomplished.  It’s watering can time!


see you soon