These are under the tree by the porch that we use as our main access to the house.  Makes me happy every time I walk by them.  Finally!  I think spring is here…

First Spring Flowers 2014Cheers!  Have a fabulous weekend!



Elmhurst – woo hoo!

July 19, 2013

It’s hard to believe that a week ago I was doing my usual final push to paint for the Elmhurst Garden Faire and Walk on July 14, and that it’s already come and gone.  What a great day it was!  A beautiful setting and near perfect weather set the stage that morning and I sold the stool shown below before the faire even officially began.   THANK YOU to everyone who came by to check things out – particularly, of course, those of you who purchased some of my favorite things.  I love seeing items go to happy homes.  Although Archie the Cat was disappointed that the toolbox didn’t come back with me, he’s moved on already and found alternative places to nap.

I’ll keep you posted on my next stop.  Meanwhile, I’ll be playing with new color combinations and seeking out unique items.  Every watering can I painted sold this season, so I’ll be focusing on more of them.  Let me know what else you’d like to see!

Stool Sold Elmhurst 2013Have a great weekend.

jen (by jennifer)

Enough already!

April 28, 2011

I know that April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, but hey!  My tulips and daffodils have already been beautiful.  We need sunshine!

Almost Summer!

June 3, 2010

Well, Memorial Day weekend has passed, and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  So this means we are officially on our way to summer!  I find I need to remind myself (and the garden fairy) that it is only the very beginning of June.  We have both done so much in the yards already it feels like we should be well into June if not ready to fly flags for the Fourth of July.

The garden comes along quite nicely.  There are enough new plantings I will not attempt to walk you through it again.  I look forward to posting pictures when things are in bloom…  the beds along the fence (once mulched *sigh*) are almost picture ready now.  More on that later.

I am painting.  I worked a bit on a few projects for the show at the end of the month while concentrating mostly on a project for my friend here at work.  It is the final of three items for her bathroom. 

And of course Archie (Bee Dub, Mr. Kitty) was there to supervise…

Have a great day!

jen (by jennifer)

Ok.  I have decided to do a show this year.  I started in 2002 (I think) with the Elmhurst Garden Faire and Walk and then added The Growing Place – Art in the Garden Festival a couple of years later.  Up until last Summer (or the Summer before?) I had been doing both of them each year.  With having moved residence, the plans to open the shop, etc. I decided not to do them.  But this year I’m back!  And I will be doing things a little differently… taking items to represent the shop as a whole rather than just my stuff.  But I still have to get painting in order to take enough of my product to make a good display.

So – here’s to inspiration! 

I was watering mamala’s flowers for her last night, so I snapped a couple of pictures.  I then went home to check my garden out back… the 25 lily bulbs are starting to sprout!  BUT this morning I saw a bunny back there…. hmmm – I’m thinking that could be BAD.  I may have to let Mr. Kitty out afterall to patrol the grounds. 

Maybe he can put some of those quick moves on the flower munching bunny and all that practice on his straw will be worth it.

Have a great day all!  I’ll keep you posted.

Year one!

May 6, 2010

Ok – while I was having a BLAST at the Cubs game last weekend the garden fairy came and roto-tilled the back “garden” area behind my house!  Thank you GF!!!! 

And the planting has begun!  So far there is a big mound of baby’s breath (Gypsophila) to the left front surrounded by some day lilies and some Artemisia.  Behind that are 10 “Lilium true colors Asiatic lilies” in an arc around the front of the tree there… then another 5 about three feet to the right… and another 10 about three feet right of that. 

In the back right corner where primarily the herbs will be is a group of lovage in the corner where the fences meet.  And in front of that to the left of the garden bench on an angle is some more with three bright blue pots in front for cilantro, oregano, and parsley… I’m so psyched!

I know, I know… I have to get my camera fixed or buy a new one so I can include pictures!!

BTW – almost ALL my weeding is done too!  Whooo hooo!  And 10 of 15 bags of mulch down so far…

Happy Spring all ~


Mondays come so fast…

April 12, 2010

Well, hello all! 

It was a beautiful Spring weekend here in Chicagoland!  I got out back Friday afternoon and burned off all the stuff that was piled in the fire pit and on the back patio area.  Awesome fire!  And now at the least it is clean and tidy back there so I can cut back the grasses along the fence and get started on moving pots, etc. 

I also got out under the tree between the shop and the driveway and weeded and turned up the mulch.  Still have a bit more to do and then Preen and hopefully it will maintain pretty much on its own.  I know I will want to work in the beds out back this Summer more than I will want to be out on the street side.  This will be the year for starting the garden area!  Thanks to mom (and Grama A who gives her a gift certificate every year for White Flower Farm…) I have 25 lily bulbs to start with! 

I have also been working on the kitchen… Actually what you see on the backsplash right now had to get wiped out and re-started, but I figured I would share anyway.  This wasn’t complete-complete anyway. 🙂  More pictures later!  Just figured I should throw something in here as it’s been a while…  when I am completely done I’ll show you a before and after – will make much more of an impact.

Well, on to the job I get paid for… have a great week!


I guess I didn’t realize just how much I love Spring and look forward to Summer flowers until I read through an email I sent to a friend yesterday.
“…I am super excited to work in the yard this year.  Under the tree outside the shop between the driveway and the house I already have crocus in bloom in white and yellow and purple.  Such a happy sight.  Makes me smile everyday I have to go out to the car to head to work.  Like a little gift for getting up and heading to the office which I would rather not do.  And last night I measured for flower boxes for the front four windows and the one on the back of the house under the kitchen, and walked around the yard to see sedum growing in the rock garden out back by the fire pit, and tulips, daffodils, peonies, iris, day lillies, brunera macrophilia, and one of my favorites echinacea coming up.  Exciting stuff! 🙂  Should be a good year… set the foundation last year.”

So as much as I always say Fall is my favorite season… I’m wondering now if it might not be Spring?

Happy Day All ~