We truly began to understand that India is the land of extremes and that you never know where you are going to find a hidden oasis when we turned into the drive and through the gate to Hotel Laxmi Niwas Palace. (If you didn’t watch the video from my last post, I would recommend doing that before you read on.)

We were scheduled to go to the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary a.k.a. Keoladeo Ghana National Park later in the afternoon so we opted for a drink in the courtyard and then a dip in this BEAUtiful pool before we got ready for our excursion. If I remember correctly the temperature was about 106 F so the cool pool water was greatly appreciated.

Look at the detail above the door…everything was so colorful and ornate.

It reminded me immediately of the Marigold Hotel but everything worked!

It reminded me immediately of the Marigold Hotel but everything worked!

We decided to opt for the horse-drawn carriage ride when we got to the park rather than the bike rickshaw. It was recommended to be a little faster and considering the heat it was the right thing to do. What they didn’t tell us until we were already on our way was that our horse had gas. Apparently he was having tummy troubles and the handler gave him a laxative not too long before we arrived.  I kid you not when I tell you that as soon as the driver told us this…the horse took a dump.

horse drawn carriage at Bharatpur bird park

We saw some pretty birds that my little Nikon pocket camera couldn’t capture that well and overall we were happy that we went.  (I booked it because John loves birds.)

birds at Bharatpur

My favorite part was the temple we stopped to check out while we were in the park. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that there are dogs everywhere BUT the cats are the smart ones, hanging out in parks where they can climb on tall monuments away from the chaos, loitering in hotel courtyards where there are cool shady spots to rest and patios where people eat, and well, yes, a bird sanctuary is a pretty good choice too I would say.



There were also many monkeys and a guy who could talk to the turtles to make them come to shore. (I suspect it had something to do with the mash he fed them, too.) And, of course, the configuration of statues to worship.

Temple at Bharatpur bird park

It was a good first adventure for sure.  Next stop Ranthambore…